Crossing the LD

Crossing The Line of Departure with Mike Black

U.S. Air Force Colonel (Retired) Mike Black joins the podcast to share valuable lessons learned during his Air Force career; how he planned and executed his transition; how he applied his lessons learned to perform as a successful small company Chief Operating Officer in the private sector; and, provided great advice to guide veterans as they prepare for their transition.

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Key Takeaways:

0:00 Introduction

1:50  Mike shares his experiences at the White House Communications Agency when supporting President Obama and his administration

4:30 Mike talks about performing as a Corporate Chief Operating Officer 

7:45 Mike talks about his formal education and the 5 F’s: Family, Flying, Fitness, Fairness, and Fun 

12:58 Mike talks about how his military experience prepared him for his own transition 

15:41 Mike discusses his role as a mentor to other veterans 

18:51 Mike shares what went well and what did not go well during his transition 

23:00 Mike talks about leading a high performing team in the private sector 

28:25 Mike explains what he’d do differently if he were to transition again 

32:22 Mike shares the key questions he asked himself to decide on what he wanted to do after the military 

36:27 Mike provides advice to corporate leaders on how to integrate veterans onto their teams 

44:02 Mike talks about the importance of a clearly defined vision and mission and his personal vision board 

51:36 Lee closes out the podcast

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