Crossing the LD

Crossing the Line of Departure: Life After The Military – Becky Margiotta

U.S. Army Veteran Becky Margiotta joined the podcast to share how her time in the military shaped her; the transformational work she did with the 100,000 Homes Campaign; starting her own non-profit, The Billions Institute, to help other non-profits scale to change the world; and, how she strengthens her own mental fitness.

The Billions Institute

The 100,000 Homes Campaign

View some of Becky’s Key Note Speeches

0:00 Introduction

0:28 Lee introduces Becky

2:00 Becky describes how her time in the military shaped her 

7:21 Becky describes why she left the military and how she executed her transition 

16:11 Becky defines transformational leadership and how to do it 

21:41 Becky talks about the non-profit workspace and her experience finding homes for 100,000 people in 4 years 

25:43 Becky talks about her pursuit of addressing homelessness and using “Housing as Healthcare” 

30:14 Becky talks about how she started The Billions Institute and The Social Change Agency 

38:17 Becky talks about her experiences with transitioning into organizations after she left the military and provides advice to leaders on how to integrate veterans into their organizations 

51:34 Becky defines mental fitness and shares how she personally strengthens her own mental fitness 

1:03:48 Lee closes out the podcast

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