Life After The Military

Life After The Military – Jeremy Moulder

In this Life After the Military episode, Lee and Howie interviewed Army Combat Medic Sergeant Jeremy Moulder. Jeremy treated over 150 casualties in combat during his eight years of service until his medical separation due to being diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. Jeremy speaks candidly about the challenge of transitioning from the military with only 90 days to prepare and how his support system helped him succeed. Jeremy also talks proudly about his life’s mission to serve and help others which led to the launch of USA Flagworks. He launched a Spotlight Veteran of the Month Program where he recognizes and rewards a deserving veteran with one of his magnificent handmade wooden flags. Jeremy is a courageous, authentic, caring young man who is building a successful business with his wife, Madeline, and son, Jake.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Podcast Intro

0:38 Lee introduces former Sergeant Jeremy Moulder

2:04 Jeremy describes how his military experience as a Combat Medic shaped him

6:13 Jeremy talks about the challenge of going through a medical retirement board separation from the military

12:34 Jeremy describes the Critical role his wife, Madeline, played in working through their situation

17:36 Jeremy shares the challenges he had working through the Department of the Veterans Affairs to get support

20:30 Jeremy talks about the medical retirement compensation he receives for his military service

22:22 Jeremy advises others facing a medical retirement board separation process

25:30  Howie talks about the value Veteran services Organizations may bring to military members to strengthen their transition support systems

30:02 Lee and Jeremy talk about Jeremy’s business, USA Flagworks, Incorporated (insert link)

48:06 Jeremy describes his Spotlight Veteran of the Month Concept to recognize and thank veterans for their service (insert link)

57:13 Jeremy talks about his challenges with memory loss resulting from his military service

58:36 Lee gives Jeremy his book title

1:00:56 Lee talks about the staggering veteran suicide statistics and how Jeremy and USA Flagworks take action to address this issue

1:06:48 Jeremy talks transparently about his mental fitness struggles and how he deals with them

1:15:45 Lee closes out the episode

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