Pivotal Moments is on a mission to strengthen mental fitness worldwide by creating, distributing, and promoting entertainment and educational programs that inspire and motivate people to become mentally fit, overcome adversity, and lead a fulfilling life with their unique  purpose and passion.

“Content with purpose, to inspire change, to motivate action”

Our Impact

Through education and storytelling, we inspire our audience by:

  • Raising awareness for the importance of mental strength and the implications for neglecting it.

  • Motivating people to take action to help themselves and those around them.

  • Directing people to resources that strengthen the mind and provide mental health services.

  • Give recognition to people and organizations that inspire others.

Mental Fitness Matters:

Research shows, most people do not get the information they need to identify and cope with mental health and wellness issues early enough. As a result, can develop mental wellness blindspots that precent us from recognizing the signs and taking action.


Robert Morgan

President & Founder

Robert serves as the President of Pivotal Moments. Bob leads all efforts to develop the programs and content to deliver on the mission of Pivotal Moments. Robert is the co-founder, Board Director and Executive Advisor of MorganFranklin Consulting and served as its CEO from its creation in 1998 until 2013. While at MorganFranklin he served in numerous philanthropic leadership positions in the Washington DC Region including the Wounded Warrior Project, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, American Heart Association, and others.

Erik Ayers

Chief Marketing Officer

Erik has spent over 20 years delivering employee-centered marketing and sales strategies in the Washington DC region. He has a penchant for big ideas that tap into the human spirit in order to build business and distinguish brands. Erik provides Pivotal Moments with marketing and strategic support to get the word out on our mental health mission, fundraising goals and positive impact. Erik is also the CEO and co-founder of GoodSeeker, a software solution for companies who want to discover and share more positive workplace content to build their culture and brand.

Erin McNamara, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Morgan Ryan, Creative Director & Sr. Designer

Pamela Sorensen

Director, Development and Fundraising

Pamela leads efforts to develop partnerships with individuals and organizations who support mental wellness programs through foundation, corporate and community investments. She has spent much of her career helping organizations discover the power of strategic relationships. She has helped organizations raise millions of dollars for non-profit causes. A graduate of Penn State University, a successful business owner, artist and influencer.She resides in Arlington, VA with her rescue dog Frasier Simone.

Ben Morgan

Director, Content Management and Production

Ben serves as the Director of Content Management for Pivotal Moments.  Ben leads efforts to aggregate, produce and deliver education and entertainment content through Pivotal Moments channels and Wellness Education Center.  Ben also assists Talaria Media with the development and production of films and documentaries.  Ben recently graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Information Science and Technology. 

Sandy Lutton

Director of Her Journey

Sandy leads efforts to develop programmatic fundraising and strategic partnerships for PivotalMoments. Formerly, the Chief Revenue Officer of The Washington Speakers Bureau, Sandy has a proven track record in creating and executing strategic visions that drive sustainable growth. Her focus on strategic planning, developing and executing growth plans, and building long-term strategic partnerships and client relations has led to her success. She has consulted with organizations on go-to-market strategies, strategic planning and growth strategies. She has held positions on several not-for-profit boards including the March of Dimes and The People’s Portfolio.

Howie Cohen

Director of Charlie Mike

Howie has over 42 years of combined military and corporate experience leading change management, communications and intelligence project teams, portfolios and accounts. Howie has a successful track record of building high performing teams by helping organizations establish their vision, set goals, and develop a strategic execution plan to accomplish their goals to high standards. Howie is most passionate about developing effective leaders and high performing teams. 

Jenn Sherman

Director of We Are Everyone

In 2017, Jenn Sherman founded The Influencer Collective, a digital asset strategy and podcast production firm. The Influencer Collective is a network of experts and podcast shows that drive social impact. With a focus on building meaningful relationships and facilitating real conversations, Jenn is the host of several podcast shows including A Dose of Your Future, We Are Everyone, and The Influencer Collective Show.

Jenn’s experience spans from the business-to-business, business-to-consumer, technology, health and non-for-profit space. She excels at leading integrated marketing and digital media campaigns to help companies increase their overall bottom line.

Heather Soriano

Director, Nashville Chapter

1999 Miss Mississippi America and 2002 Miss Mississippi USA, Heather has served as a host, emcee and entertainer for most of her adult life. Both publicly and privately, Heather enjoys helping causes near and dear to her heart.  With a strong background in investor relations, Heather will funnel her efforts into building Pivotal Moments Nashville’s footprint.  As Director, Heather looks forward to supporting strategically aligned charities in middle Tennessee and nationally as the Nashville Chapter of Pivotal Moments.  Heather lives in Franklin with her two children, Lily and Nolan and a menagerie of rescue animals.

Kary Giglio

Director, NYC Chapter

Will Browning

Director, Los Angeles Chapter

Will Browning is a distinguished business advisor with more than 19 years of experience in the insurance industry representing and helping many athletes, entertainers and family offices across the country.  He has lead the sales and management of a rapidly-growing telecommunications company, from start-up through its successful IPO.  He has helped many C-level executives, business owners and non-profits address challenging issues related to insurance, financial planning, and business strategy. 

Will also leads Pivotal Moments fundraising and programing activities on the West Coast and is based in Beverly Hills, CA.  Pivotal Moments is a 501(c)(3) charity that develops, supports, and promotes entertainment and educational programs to help people become champions for mental fitness.  Will has served as Past Chairman of the Leadership Board for The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Recently, Will was a Co-Executive Producer and instrumental in the production of the inspirational sports documentary Saving the Roar completed in 2020 and is currently working with the same film team on various projects.

Advisory Board

We are proud to welcome leaders in business and our community who are committed to the cause of helping young people and their support networks overcome the stigma of mental illness and find new pathways to a healthy mind.


Founder & CEO of TechnaLink, Tysons, VA 


Brener, Zwikel & Associates, and Founder of John’s Toast, NYC, NY


Art & Science Collaborative, Colorado Springs, CO


Christine Haas Media, Austin, TX


Make Wake Artists, Nashville, TN


MorganFranklin Consulting, Tysons, VA


David Adams Wealth Group, Nashville, TN


HSBC, Los Angeles, CA


Keep the Faith, Nashville, TN


Former US Ambassador, Chicago, IL


Philanthropist and Diplomat, Houston, TX


Baker Hostetler, Washington, DC




Financial Executive, Tysons, VA


The Players Tribune & Minute Media, NYC, NY


Playrs and Turn 2 Capital, Scottsdale, AZ


Rosslyn Business Improvement District, Rosslyn, VA


HybridChart Inc, Scottsdale, AZ


Beverly Hills Productions, Los Angeles, CA & Nashville, TN


Olympic Gold Medalist, Austin, TX


Department of the Navy, Arlington, VA


Loudoun County Public Schools, Ashburn, VA


Entrepreneur & Business Advisor, Ashburn, VA


Rampart Aviation, Houston, TX


MorganFranklin Consulting, Tysons, VA


Syren Capital, Houston, TX


Intelligent Waves, Reston, VA


Country Music Singer, Nashville, TN


UBS Private Wealth Management, Washington, DC

Production Partners

Mission Partners

The Pivotal Moments Team and our partners provide time, talent and treasure to create new media and content to support the mission of delivering mental health and wellness awareness faster and in more effective ways.

Talaria Media

Talaria Media is a creative film and video production company based in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles that develops and produces a variety of motion picture, television, and digital media content for streaming, broadcast and theatrical release.

John’s Toast

Celebrates an important moment in time each year to remember those who are no longer with us while strengthening bonds with those who here. John’s Toast Live is a series of inspiring concerts across the country.


GoodSeeker is an automated storytelling platform for values-driven and talent-first organizations who want to collect and share more examples of their values, brand, and culture in action. Organizations who use GoodSeeker build a library of authentic employee stories and testimonials to support recruiting, employee appreciation and marketing.


GoodSeeker is an automated storytelling platform for values-driven and talent-first organizations who want to collect and share more examples of their values, brand, and culture in action. Organizations who use GoodSeeker build a library of authentic employee stories and testimonials to support recruiting, employee appreciation and marketing.

National Lampoon

GoodSeeker is an automated storytelling platform for values-driven and talent-first organizations who want to collect and share more examples of their values, brand, and culture in action. Organizations who use GoodSeeker build a library of authentic employee stories and testimonials to support recruiting, employee appreciation and marketing.

Beverly Hills Productions

Beverly Hills Productions was founded by filmmaker Michael P. Nash more than a decade ago. Our projects have won many awards across the globe and have been screened at commercial theaters, television networks, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

The Artists and Athletes Alliance

The Artists and Athletes Alliance, a not-for-profit, operates at the nexus of the entertainment and creative community and Washington, D.C. We provide top-line educational information to artists and athletes through one-on-one meetings, private briefings, forums and other related events.


EVERFI, Inc. develops digital learning programs for schools, and organizations of important topics include mental and financial wellness. Pivotal Moments has partnered with EVERFI to deliver Mental Wellness Basics for school systems accross the U.S.