Meet OUr Advisory Board

We are proud to welcome leaders in business and our community who are committed to the cause of helping young people and their support networks overcome the stigma of mental illness and find new pathways to a healthy mind. 


CE Andrews, Executive and Former CEO

Sallie Mae and MorganFranklin Consulting

Chris Madigan, Sponsorship/Event Communications Strategist

Brener, Zwikel & Associates, and Founder of John’s Toast

Christopher Mann, Managing Partner

MorganFranklin Consulting

Dr. Craig Moorman, Owner

Finding Solutions Counseling Centers

Herb Engert, Global Private Equity Leader


Julie Ann Lewis, Owner

Owner of Middleburg Wealth Management

Jonathan Forster, Partner

Baker & Hostetler, LLP

Joseph Atkinson, Chief Digital Officer


Kary Brock, Vice president


Mary-Claire Burrick, President

Rosslyn Business Improvement District

Patrick Brown, Director

Maintenance and Workforce Policy Office of Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition

Raynell Brown, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Loudoun County Public Schools

Rob Franklin, Cofounder and Executive Advisor

MorganFranklin Consulting

Robert Roane, President

Capital One Municipal Funding, Inc.

Ron Morgan, Chairman

MorganFranklin Consulting

William B. Finnerty, Managing Director

Wealth Management UBS