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Every Dollar Tells a Story

We tell inspirational and moving stories of military veterans, entrepreneurs, women, professional athletes, and many others.  Real-life stories inspire others to be champions for mental fitness and mental health.  We recruit special guests to participate in podcasts and videos. Through our Every Dollar Tells a Story fundraising campaign we raise money to recruit, produce, and promote our storytellers and their experiences.


Mental Wellness Education Development

Support continued integration of Mental Wellness Basics education tools developed with EVERFI, Inc. offered to 8th – 12th grades across the country for free in order to foster mental wellness in the classroom and equip students with lifelong mental wellness skills.  Your donations will also help us create new tools to provide mental wellness basics education for elementary students, parents, teachers, coaches, minorities, military families, and more.  


John’s Toast Annual Celebration

John’s Toast, in partnership with Pivotal Moments, is a movement that provides strength through stories and music. It began in Ashburn, VA, Charlotte, N.C. and New York City on October 25, 2007 when our founder’s family took a moment to toast their son and brother, John, who died of suicide weeks prior. Now across the globe at 8pm on Oct. 25, friends, families and celebrities come together for a toast.

In 2017 John’s Toast was established as a formal organization to help those who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. Money raised for John’s Toast supports Pivotal Moments efforts to develop educational platforms, programs and awareness for people affect by mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts.

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The Fortitude Speaker Series

An in-person speaker series that helps the younger generations understand that they will face adversity throughout the journey of life, that their struggles determine their success. The Fortitude Speaker Series educates the youth on coping with adversity, developing character, and achieving success with honor, integrity, and humility from the hearts and minds of artists and professional athletes.

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Wishing Wellness Advocacy and Research

Support Pivotal Moments’ efforts to end any negative stigma around mental health and wellness, support and promote research, and to be a catalyst for change.