Stories of ADVERSITY AND DETERMINATION from the world of sports.

Win: Championship Traits For Life

This podcast series dives deep into how sports and athletics is a vehicle for our growth as human beings and the ultimate teacher for dealing with adversity and building mental fitness. The show is hosted by Lee M.J. Elias and JB Spisso who have a combined 40+ years experience in team development, leadership and coaching and will include interviews from top athletes, coaches, executives and trailblazers from professional, collegiate and youth sports. Together, we will make the world trust in teamwork again.

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What do you think you will remember when you finishing your playing career?

Colonel Dave Duffy has competed all over the world and has been a part of several high-performing teams. He joins the show this week to discuss an answer to the question above and to share his thoughts on mental fitness from his life as a rugby player, Green Beret, and business owner.

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About the Hosts

Lee Elias

Lee Elias is a professional speaker, award-winning author, entrepreneur, and coach. He is the founder of Game Seven Group, an organization that aims to inspire the world to believe in the power of teamwork. Game Seven Group works with teams and leaders in the business, nonprofit, medical, and sports worlds to unlock excellence, reach their potential, and ultimately win using the spirit and culture of a professional sports organization. 

Lee is the award-winning author of Think Like a Fan: Invest in Your Fans So They Invest in YouWin: What Every Team Needs to Know to Create a Championship Culture and co-author of The Business Recovery Checklist: How to Thrive in the Aftermath of COVID19 and Stay in Medicine: How Physicians Can Move Past Burnout and Regain Control. He Was named to Drexel’s 40 under 40 class of 2018

He currently resides in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs with his wife, Janet, and their two children, Logan and Alina.

JB Spisso

JB has over 30 years of experience in transforming individuals into leaders.

He is a veteran of the United States Army with 26 years of service, including ten years in Special Operations with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, leading the Country’s most talented Soldiers in combat. JB retired at the prominent rank of Sergeant Major, the highest and most respected Non-Commissioned Officer position in the military.

JB is extensively well-versed as a leader, trainer, and educator. He has executed effective team building and leadership training for several professional sports teams, including NFL and NHL clubs, and was the first in the National Hockey League to hold the position of Executive Director of Leadership and Cultural Development, spawning similar roles with other professional teams throughout the league.

He routinely advises C-Suite executives on leadership and culture and is a sought after speaker for industry gatherings and leadership podcasts.

With JB, what you see is what you get. He is a motivator with an energetic passion for helping others. He understands the rigors, the risk, the teamwork, and the mindset needed for success.

JB holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Management & Leadership from Nyack College and studied under notable sports psychologist Dr. Derek Anderson from 2014-2017.

JB has recently published his first book, Warrior Leadership: Steps to Success for Leaders on the Ground

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Of all the great football teams that have played for Penn State, no greater warriors have entered battle on the Beaver Stadium gridiron than the 2012 football team. 

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Win: Championship Traits for Life Podcast
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About this Channel

Featuring films, videos, and podcasts to uplift and educate those facing adversity in life. Like in sports, success and achieving goals requires hard work and grit. It does not come easy. Having the mental fitness and fortitude to thrive and demonstrate GRIT is a skill. 

On GRIT, we find parallels with sports using examples of how athletes and coaches overcome adversity. We also use content to direct our audience to our Mission Partners who provide services and support.