The Greatest 8-4 Season Ever Played

Of all the great football teams that have played for Penn State, no greater warriors have ever entered battle on the Beaver Stadium gridiron than the 2012 football team. This is their story of triumph.

"We’re not here to understand the rules. We’re here to follow them. It’s my obligation to tell you that you’re free to go anywhere you want, with no penalties. However if you stay, I promise you will never forget it." Bill O'Brien, Penn State Head Coach - 6 months into the job.

This is the story of group of players, who against all odds, stayed. They accepted the challenge, and inspired each other, their coaches and the community. They carried the pride of a great university on their shoulders. This film takes viewers on a journey into the world of playing football at Penn State in 2012.

Genre: Sports Documentary
Phase: In Production
Release: Sundance 2020

Michael Nash

Bob Morgan
Executive Producer

Stephen Nemeth
Executive Producer


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