Mental Health Edu

End The Stigma By Starting The Conversation


Mental Health EDU is a digital education platform developed in partnership with EVERFI, Inc. When completed it will be delivered directly to high schools across the country to foster mental wellness in the classroom and equip students with lifelong mental wellness skills.


About the Program

Total Lessons: 6 Lessons self-paced lessons, 20 minutes each.

Standards Based: National Health Education Standards (NHES); State Academic Health Standards.

Audience: Students in grades 8th through 10th

COST to schools: Free to schools. Underwritten by sponsors.


Topics covered

  • The science of mental health
  • Overcoming stigma
  • Effective coping strategies
  • Seeking help from others
  • Supporting friends in need

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Partner Benefits

  • Free UpstanderYou sponsorship
  • Free access to EVERFI platform for employee’s kids.
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  • Facilitated PR and interviews.