Team members to the top.

By Bob Morgan, Founder Pivotal Moments

I met Pamela many years ago. I loved her spirit and commitment to causes she cared about.

Fast forward many years and now we have the opportunity to benefit from her energy and passion. Finding sponsors, donors and champions for a non-profit is hard work. Takes staying the course, hearing a lot of no’s, and celebrating accomplishments big and small.

We have a long way to go - 1 million kids - who have the opportunity to take our Mental Health Basics curriculum. But with Pamela’s help we will be there soon. My advice for other non-profits getting started.

Look to your past to find spirited help. And look to the mountain top - because that’s the only option - achieving a goal for good.

Totally get why Erik called it out. Now Give us a Boost -> Donate, support, etc. 😃