UpstanderYou is a speaker series and peer recognition program

This program inspires teens to stand up for the positive behaviors that affect mental wellness and the vitality of our communities. The series brings together experts, advocates and youth champions for mental wellness. The goal, to educate and inspire our youth to be community strong. 

FREE to parents and their teenage children

Many teenagers graduate high school without the knowledge or inspiration to be champions for mental wellness and upstanding behavior. 

Young adults make an impact before they realize they can make a difference. We must engage them.
— Bob Morgan, Founder of Pivotal Moments

About the Program

FORMAT: Four live Speaker events. One celebration Reception to conclude. 

When: September to January. Participants expected to attend at least 4 events.

Location: Held in DC region.

Audience: Parents and children grades 10-12.

COST: Free (thanks for sponsor support)

Event Topics

  • The science of good behavior
  • Authenticity and self-awareness
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Mindfulness and being present
  • Good and bad of technology
  • Finding the leader in everyone
  • Your role in our community¬†

Want to Attend?


Show Support. Become a Sponsor.

Pivotal Moments is partnering with local companies to underwrite the development and promotion of this important program.  We invite you to become a founding sponsor.

Sponsor Cost

  • $1K Advocate
  • $5K Ambassador ¬†
  • $10K Champion

Sponsor Benefits

  • Employees receive priority invitations
  • Recognition as founding sponsor
  • Visibility in online promotions
  • Access to EVERFI Mental Health EDU
  • Seat on UpstanderYou business counsel